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The wisdom teeth removal San Antonio professionals at Lee Dental Centers are the best in the city! We understand that wisdom teeth can be a pain but they don’t have to be! In fact, there is a popular saying at LDC, “with great wisdom comes great responsibility.” That means the need to schedule an appointment regarding your wisdom teeth is extremely important, especially if you are feeling any form of discomfort. There are symptoms you should look for that may indicate that you need to get your wisdom teeth removed! Not sure what signs to look out for? No worries, follow along with the wisdom teeth removal San Antonio experts to learn about the major signs!

First, lets cover the very popular question most people want to know. What are wisdom teeth? Well, in the most basic sense, wisdom teeth are the 4 hindmost molars that typically grow in around your early twenties. The human mouth moves through so many different phases during one lifetime. Additionally, there is one milestone that will typically occur anywhere from sixteen to twenty-two years of age. This milestone is the sudden appearance of the 3rd molar in the mouth. It is the last set of teeth that erupt from your gums at the end of your adolescence and in some cases, people may feel some pain. Molars are known as wisdom teeth. They got their name because they usually show up during our mature ages.

Removing Your Wisdom Teeth At A Young Age

Many times, your wisdom teeth only partially show making them hard to clean and prone to infection. Due to the less solidified and shorter roots, having your wisdom teeth removed when you are younger can reduce the recovery period while preventing future issues as you get older. However, once your molars grow in correctly, they are great for helping you chew your food. It is completely normal for you to experience a little bit of discomfort anytime your molars appear. Nevertheless, you should still contact your local Dentist and schedule an appointment so they can take a look.

Although every mouth is unique, your dentist may recommend extraction for your wisdom teeth. Take advantage of your summer break and book your appointment today! Call Now 210.681.5555. Make sure to add us on Facebook

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Reasons for Wisdom Teeth Extraction

  • My wisdom teeth are causing pain.
  • My wisdom teeth are poking through my gums.
  • My wisdom teeth are causing my other teeth the shift.
  • My wisdom teeth are impacting my other teeth.

If you say yes to any one of these statements.

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Wisdom Teeth: Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to have my wisdom teeth evaluated for extraction?

Wisdom teeth can be removed at any age, but generally between the ages of 16 and 21 when the roots are not as well developed. Individuals will differ in how their wisdom teeth are positioned and in the general development of these teeth. An evaluation by your dentist, orthodontist, or oral surgeon is helpful in deciding the ideal time to have these teeth removed.

Can I be sedated for wisdom tooth removal?

Most patients desire to be sedated for this procedure. We perform intravenous sedation in the office to ensure the patient’s comfort throughout the procedure. The procedure generally lasts about 45 minutes.

How much recovery time will I need after wisdom tooth removal?

Every patient is different, but most can return to work or school within 48 to 72 hours. Patients will generally receive a non-steroidal pain medication, as well as a small amount of narcotic pain medication for use after the procedure.

How to prevent dental problems in the future?

A lot of dental experts do not agree about the value found in the removal of impacted molars that are not bringing about any issues. It is very hard to assume potential problems with wisdom teeth that have been impacted. But, here is the rationale needed for preventing removals:

  1. Wisdom teeth that are symptom-free may still harbor some disease
  2. Lack of space for the molar to grow can make it difficult to clean it correctly
  3. In younger adults, serious complications occur much less than in any other age group
  4. Complications during and after surgery may occur in older adults

What happens if my molars grow incorrectly?

The removal of wisdom teeth is a surgical procedure to extract molars from the mouth. The 4 permanent teeth in the back of the mouth at the bottom and top are pulled by dentists. Impacted wisdom teeth sometimes will show up at an angle towards the following tooth. Other times it may grow straight up, toward the back of the mouth, or at a right angle toward other teeth. When your wisdom teeth don’t grow in the right way, your mouth may become too crowded and damage the other teeth. Sometimes, they can make flossing a difficult task and can even trap food particles, increasing the bacteria in the mouth.



Wisdom Teeth Extraction

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