The Power of a Successful Second Opinion

At LDC, we understand that trust is essential for you to have the best dental experience. We know you need to trust the PROVIDER, the PROCEDURES, and the PRICE.

If you are not connecting in any of these categories (provider, procedure, or price), then a second opinion may be just what you need.

What helps you have a successful second opinion?

First, you want to find the right dentist. Do some research. Read the doctor’s bio on the provider’s website to learn more about them. Is there a specific procedure you know you need? Find out if they have experience in that procedure. Check their online reviews. Ask friends, family, or coworkers for recommendations.

At Lee Dental Centers, we offer complimentary 2nd opinions because we want you to feel comfortable and confident in who we are before you make any more financial commitments.

After you’ve scheduled a second opinion, make sure you bring the following things to your appointment:

  1. Recent x-rays and treatment plans: if you have x-rays from the last 6 months you should have them emailed before your second opinion so the new dentist can interpret them. If the old x-rays are not helpful or new x-rays are needed, we may ask your permission to get more diagnostic x-rays. Unfortunately, things can change quickly with your teeth, and we want to give you the most accurate information we can about your care.
  2. An open mind: In dentistry there are many ways to successfully approach your care. The important thing is that you find a dentist who has a philosophy of care that you are comfortable with – the second opinion can help you find out if you “match up” with your new dentist.

In this second opinion appointment it is critical you share your goals with the new dentist. It is so helpful to know where you would like to see your smile, because that helps us customize a plan that gets you where you want to be

For example, is it important for you to straighten or align your teeth? Are cosmetics a concern? Or do you just want your teeth healthy and restored? If you are missing teeth, how important is tooth replacement to you?

When we understand your short-term and long-term goals for your smile, we can put you on a path that meets your needs.

Next, ask questions about any procedures or options you do not understand. We firmly believe that an educated and informed patient is able to make the best decisions about their care with their dentist.

The final thing that can impact your ability to complete your plan is the price. At LDC we are in-network with most PPO insurances and some HMO plans. We know that in-network pricing can give you access to some of the lowest available fees with your insurance. We also have our own custom discount plan, the Dental Passport Discount Plan, that allows for significant fee reduction for our patients without insurance. When you discuss finances, you can ask questions like, “Are you in-network with my insurance?” and “What type of financial arrangements or payment plan options do you have?” At LDC, we offer both short-term and long-term payment options to help you get the care you need.

We hope these tools will be helpful as you find the right combination of provider, procedures, and price to get your smile where you want it to be this year.


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