Orthodontists are specially trained to correct malocclusion, or misalignment of teeth, in adults and children. At Lee Dental Centers, our orthodontist will provide a thorough evaluation of your potential orthodontic needs and customize a plan for your ideal smile. Call us today to schedule your consultation to determine which treatment is right for you.

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Orthodontics FAQ

At what age should my child be evaluated for orthodontic treatment?

A child should be evaluated by age 7 to determine if there are any early problems that need to be corrected. It is better to see a child before there is a problem than wish we had been able to catch things earlier. Early diagnosis allows us to evaluate jaw development, congenitally missing permanent teeth, and crossbites.

What should I expect at an orthodontic evaluation?

At your evaluation appointment, you will receive a thorough diagnosis of your orthodontic areas of concern. This may include photos of your smile, models of your current tooth position, and radiographs (if needed) to determine tooth position and angulation.

Why do I see younger kids getting braces now?

There are many reasons children are starting braces at earlier ages. By addressing orthodontic issues, such as crossbites and severely crowded teeth, earlier in a child’s development, we can take advantage of the growth already happening and guide their jaws in the “right direction.” Early intervention, also known as Phase I therapy, can cut down on the total time the child will spend in braces later in adolescence. Another reason why children are starting braces earlier is esthetics. A child with moderate-to-severe crowding or rotation of the front teeth may gain confidence in their smile that impacts them in their relationships at school. Phase I therapy is a shorter treatment time than full braces and may only take four to eight months.

I have always wanted my teeth straight but cannot imagine having a “metal mouth.” Are there any options for me?

YES! There are wonderful options for patients who want a straighter smile with less metal. Clear aligner therapy and tooth-colored ceramic brackets allow your dental team to get you the smile you’ve always wanted without compromising esthetics in the process.

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