Hania AlKudmani, DDS, a dentist specializing in periodontal and implant procedures smiles in a white and black sweater

Hania AlKudmani, DDS & MS

Full range of therapy for gum disease | Periodontal (Osseous) surgery | implants | Gum grafting | Bone grafting

Dr. AlKudmani is joining us from the State of Michigan where she practiced as a full time periodontist. She is an American board certified periodontist and a graduate from the University at Buffalo where she earned her Master of Science degree and Certificate in Periodontics, followed by twelve months extra training in implant dentistry. After graduation, Dr. AlKudmani served as an assistant professor and a clinical researcher in the department of periodontics at the University at Buffalo. Dr. AlKudmani is very compassionate, caring and approachable. She has demonstrated precise techniques, excellence in advanced periodontal and implant procedures, and passion for patient education. Dr. AlKudmani performs teeth extraction, bone grafting, dental implants, sinus augmentation, gum grafting, diagnosing and treating gum diseases, and treating gummy smile, amongst many other procedures.

Dr. AlKudmani is a loving wife to an orthopedic doctor who is serving in the United States Air Force and a loving mother to an 8 years old Shiba Inu dog named Yuki. When Dr. AlKudmani is not teaching or taking care of her patients, she enjoys hiking, reading, cooking, travelling, scuba diving, and snorkeling.

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