Donita an assistant working her shift at a general dentistry offering top rated oral hygiene services


Dental Hygienist

Donita (Doni) has been a dental hygienist for twenty-five years and in dentistry for a total of forty-three years. Doni started her dental career as a dental assistant right after high school. She went into the United States Air Force at 20 years old where she served as a Preventive Dental Technician for 7 years. After leaving active duty military service she entered dental hygiene school in 1990, graduated from the College of Southern Nevada in 1992 and Northern Arizona University in 1998. She again entered military service, joining the United States Air Force Reserve in 2000, and served as a military Photojournalist/Public Affairs Writer until 2008.

Doni has been with Lee Dental Centers since May 2015.

She has two grown daughters and one grandson. She currently resides with the only child left at home, Xander, a 5-year-old Doberman Pinscher.

Locations: Northern Hills